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    I love perfume. It smells nice - what's there not to like? The price tag. My favorite scents can be pretty pricey. (My husband claims that I have a super power called "knows-what's-the-most-expensive-thing-and-likes-that-one-the-most".) Yes, it's a blessing and a curse, ok? There's a certain smell to perfumes that I love - it's a flowery scent without being too flowery. Unique without being weird. Distinctive yet not overbearing. I know it when I smell it - the smell of yumminess that I want to spray all over me! (I'm so weird, I know.) The original Juicy Couture was the first expensive perfume I ever wore - it's nostalgic for me, but I still think it's a beautiful scent, more than any of the newer fragrances from Juicy (which are NUMEROUS, I might add). Anyways - for everyone who's dying to know, here are my top perfume picks, all of which I've worn at some point. I've ordered them by price, from save to splurge!

    What perfume do you wear? Do you have a signature scent or do you mix it up?

    My Top 7 Perfume Picks:

    1. Harvey Prince, Hello: 1.7 oz. $55
    2. Juicy Couture: 1.7 oz. $72
    3. Arquiste for J.Crew, No. 31: 1.75 oz. $76
    4. Michael Kors, Gold Luxe: 1.7 oz. $82
    5. Dolce & Gabbana, Pour Femme: 1.7 oz. $86
    6. Chanel, Coco Mademoiselle: 1.7 oz. $90
    7. Dior, J'adore: 1.7 oz. $90

    Harvey Prince / Juicy Couture / J.CrewMichael Kors / Dolce & GabbanaChanelDior

    xo Cait