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  • My Picks | Must-Watch Christmas Movies

    Part of the joyous appeal of the Christmas season is the plethora of nostalgic Christmas movies that you watch during just one month out of the year - December.

    There are the classics, the comedies, the new favorites, the old standbys... some appeal to the masses and others are more obscure that not everyone has heard of (like Lifetime or ABC Family originals...haha). Nevertheless, Christmas movies are the. best. 

    Here are some of my faves with my badge of honor listed, in no particular order:

    • All I Want for Christmas - "Best Childhood Memory"
    • The Holiday - "Best Romantic Comedy"
    • Four Christmases - "Best New Comedy"
    • National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - "Most Quotable & All-Around Best Ever"
    • It's a Wonderful Life - "Most Nostalgic"
    • Home Alone - "Cult Favorite"
    • Elf - "Instant Classic"
    • The Family Stone - "Most Underrated"
    • The Santa Clause - "Most Unrealistic"
    • The Family Man - "Still Good Despite Nick Cage"

    Notice that I did NOT include A Christmas Story... that wasn't an oversight. That movie is the absolute worst and I abhor every second of it and hate that it clogs up multiple channels every year with its stupid marathon. Worst. Movie. Ever. 

    I also didn't include sequels... sequels are rarely worth watching, let's be honest.

    Some of these titles are on Netflix, but some aren't. You can, however, buy all of these on Amazon!

    Snuggle up with a furry throw blanket, light a candle, put on your slipper socks, make some coffee and enjoy! :)

    xo Cait