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  • My Picks | Hair Product Must-Haves

    So I have been loving my ombre hair color for the last 2 years - no shame. I have no plans of changing it anytime soon. It's low-maintenance, it's still in style and one more time - it's LOW-maintenance. I do not have the time, or more importantly, money to get my hair colored on the regs. Anyone with me on that?!

    What I do like are really awesome hair products...especially when they smell SO good. Since joining Birchbox, I have discovered brands and products that are AMAZING - both in smell and in function. Here's a list of my all-time faves. Oribe products are sooooo great, but are super spendy. I threw in a Rusk texturizing spray that is truly comparable and is less than half the cost of its Oribe counterpart. I must admit, I also don't use the Number 4 shampoo/conditioner set regularly because of the price, but it's my favorite stuff I have EVER used. The other products are a part of my daily/weekly hair routine. I highly recommend all of them :)

    Not a member of Birchbox? JOIN - it's the best $10 you'll ever spend each month! It's the equivalent to Christmas EVERY MONTH. Yeah, I said it and I mean it!

    Here are my current hair care must-haves:

    1. Number 4 Va-Va-Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner: This stuff makes your hair smell AMAZING. It's expensive, but sooo great. I received samples from Birchbox before and fell in love. I almost didn't need any sort of detangling spray, because it left my hair so soft and smooth.
    2. Beauty Protector Protect & Treat Hair Mask: This mask works wonders on your hair - I use it weekly to revive dry hair, especially during the cold weather months.
    3. Parlor Detangling Leave-In Conditioner: My hair tends to be tangled after it gets wet, even when using shampoo and conditioner. I have very fine but thick hair, so detangling sprays are a must, especially when my hair was longer. This one works wonders and smells great!
    4. Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo: Literally the BEST dry shampoo on the market. I have used several different brands of dry shampoo and nothing compares to this Amika product (PS: their entire line is amazeballs!). I like to wash my hair every other day and on my non-shower or non-hair-washing days, this stuff is a lifesaver. It revives bed head, greasy hair or often my biggest hair problem - flatness! Miracle in a bottle, y'all!
    5. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray: This stuff is so cluth. It adds an extra level of awesome to any hairdo. The smell is literally like perfume - as are all Oribe products. This adds texture and volume to any style and just gives hair that extra somethin' somethin'. It's kind of hard to explain this product's awesomeness - just splurge and try it out!
    6. Rusk Texture Finishing Spray: I hate to say this is the runner-up to Oribe's texturizing spray, but that's kinda what it is. Not to say it's not awesome in its own right, it is! But, nothing compares to Oribe, let's be honest. However, this stuff is actually within the realm of reasonable for daily use, because it's less than half the cost. Let's be real.
    7. Number 4 Mighty Hair Spray: My bff who used to work at Haus Salon introduced me to Number 4 products, specifically this hair spray. They also have a non-aerosol kind, which is also great. I go back and forth on which one I like better. Either one is the perfect finishing touch to your hair routine - everything stays put without looking like this!

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    Happy hair styling! :)

    xo Cait