• Splurge VS. Steal | Valentine's Day Date Night

    It's almost Valentine's Day! Planning on going on a date or having a Girl's Night Out? Depending on your budget (or amount of self-control), here are two options to consider - the first from Madewell (the splurge) and the second from H&M (the steal). No matter what you wear, you'll need some beauty basics from Sephora, like a few of my favorites shown below. I rarely wear false eyelashes, but Valentine's Day is the perfect time of year to up the drama! Whether you buy a nice silk set like the ones shown from Sephora or a cheaper alternative like these, they're a fun touch to any outfit.

    For Valentine's Day, I like to stick with a classic look - shades of red, pink, cream, black and metallics. Even a little animal print seems to fit the bill. I love feminine touches like silk and chiffon while keeping in mind the practical needs of warmth for those of us living in the frozen tundra - wool coats and closed toe shoes. Cold night? Skip the dress and tights and stick with black jeans, dark denim or fun "treggings" like those shown below - a trouser/jegging style pant to keep your legs warm and toasty. There's no need to suffer for beauty, ladies - we've got options!

    So here you have it - a splurge look and a steal look. Which do you like better? What's your go-to date night look? SHARE below and leave a COMMENT or tag me on Insta @caitquinnjoyce, #prideandjoyce :)

    Madewell: silk top / high riser jeans / flats / cross-body bag / coat / earrings / ring / long necklace

    Sephora: false lashes / Benefit mascara / Marc Jacobs Beauty eyeliner / Urban Decay Naked3 palette / bareMinerals foundation / NARS lipstick "Fire Down Below" / butter nail color set / Miss Dior "Blooming Bouquet" perfume

    H&M: tie-neck blouse / polka dot treggings / heels / shoulder bag / coat / earrings / bangle set / bracelet

    Happy Valentine's Day! xoxoxo


  • My Picks | Makeup Must-Haves

    So I haven't posted since April 1st.... sorry about that, guys! We've been adjusting to life with a puppy, which is...harder than I thought! He is soooo much work - but, totally worth it. I am actually super excited for him to be an "adult" dog though - as cute as he is now as a puppy....I am excited for him to mature :)

    Anyway, I am featuring some of my favorite makeup products for this month's My Picks. I've listed them in the order that I use them:


    1. BareMinerals Prime Time: Primers are really non-negotiable - don't bother wearing nice makeup if you aren't using a primer. It smooths your skin and makes your face a blank slate ready for what you'll put on it. Plus, it's your first line of defense that is being absorbed into your skin - make it the good stuff! I've used this primer for years and I think it's the best. I've tried this one and if I'm being frugal, this one too - both are really good options. You can't beat the price for Maybelline Baby Skin. For "Prime Time" primer, make sure you get the "Original" one - the other variations are horrible. ($24 - I use "Original")

    2. BareMinerals Complexion Rescue: I use this after a primer and before my pressed powder. It's a CC/BB/tinted moisturizer type of product, but has slightly more coverage. I don't like to use a liquid foundation, so this is the perfect product for me. It goes on light, but totally evens out your skin tone. It's a new product and has quickly become a favorite of mine! My only complaint - it isn't sold on! Sephora is where I usually buy it. ($29 - I use "Natural 05")

    3. Maybelline Cover Stick: They have a lot of way more expensive concealers out there for dark circles under the eyes and blemishes, but I've found that the cheap stuff works just as good, if not better. (Although, this product is INCREDIBLE - miracle sauce, no joke.) I'm currently using this Maybelline option, though I've used CoverGirl and Almay in the past too. I dab this over any blemishes, red spots and a little under the eye (I do this part in the shape of an upside down triangle - try it, it looks SO much better!). Do this after your primer and CC/BB cream but before your powder for best results. ($5 - I use "Light Beige")

    4. Benefit Hello Flawless: This pressed powder finishes off my face and keeps away any shine. The more you use, the fuller the coverage. I use a mineral powder brush like this one to apply it, though it does come with a small brush. I used to use Bare Minerals for YEARS, but it recently started making my skin irritated, so this product is a recent switch for me. So far, so good! ($34 - I use "Honey")

    5. Benefit Hoola Bronzer: This is a bronzer that is a really flattering shade for all skin types. For years I used BareMinerals Warmth as a bronzer, and truly nothing competes with it, but like I mentioned earlier, it started giving me a rash - wah wah. This Hoola stuff is pretty great though - lasts a long time too. It comes with a brush, or you can use your own, similar to the mineral brush I use for the pressed powder above. I use this on the top of my forehead, nose and cheekbones for a flush of color. ($28)


    6. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion: This stuff is the best - you can even wear it by itself without eyeshadow and it looks gorgeous. It's a shimmery champagne color. Whatever you do, DON'T use the matte version of this stuff - it's terrible. This shade (I use "Sin") is the best me. This, like the face primer, is truly a non-negotiable if you wear eyeshadow. This helps your shadow from creasing and keeps it in place and looking its best all day. Mine doesn't move or fade, because of this stuff! ($20 - I use "Sin") 

    7. Urban Decay Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette: This is the 3rd generation of the Naked Eyeshadow Palette. I've used all 3 and like each of them for different reasons. This one has a lot of rose gold shimmery tones, which I really like. My favorite colors on this palette are: Dust, Trick, Liar, Mugshot and Blackheart for the outer corners of your eye. Naked and Naked2 are also amazing colors... I honestly can't choose which I like best... maybe Naked2? I don't know... I love them all! It seems really pricey to pay for this, but I have had my Naked3 palette since December 2013...and I'm STILL using it. Yeah, it lasts a long time! Worth the investment. These are the best colors and having them all in one convenient palette is amazeballs. ($54 - I'm currently using the "Naked3" palette)

    8. Benefit They're Real! Push-Up Liner: This eyeliner is a game-changer. I used to use this pencil before this product was released, which is the best pencil out there, but by the end of the day, I would have black smudged under my eyes - no bueno (I used "Perversion"). This Benefit eyeliner is not quite a liquid, but definitely not a pencil. It goes on like a really smooth gel and it's super easy to control the thickness, which I love. Pencils always made my line too thick. I use this on my top and bottom lash line after applying eyeshadow. This is my favorite makeup product out there right now! ($24)

    9. Benefit Roller Lash Mascara: This is also a new product from Benefit. Before this came out, I used this and this, as a cheaper option. I love how thick this goes on without being clumpy. It curls, thickens and lengthens lashes like no other! Highly recommend. ($24)


    10. EOS Lip Balm: I use this daily, multiple times a day. I love the shape and how smooth it goes on. My favorite "flavor" is pomegranate raspberry! ($3)

    11. L'Oreal Paris Glossy Balm: This is actually my all-time favorite lipstick and/or lip gloss - it's similar to the Clinique Chubby Stick. It glides on smooth and has a rich pigmentation. LOVE it. ($6 - I use "Vintage Rose")

    There you have it! My all-time makeup favorites. Do you use any of these products? What are your favorites? Do share!

    xo Cait

  • My Picks | Hair Product Must-Haves

    So I have been loving my ombre hair color for the last 2 years - no shame. I have no plans of changing it anytime soon. It's low-maintenance, it's still in style and one more time - it's LOW-maintenance. I do not have the time, or more importantly, money to get my hair colored on the regs. Anyone with me on that?!

    What I do like are really awesome hair products...especially when they smell SO good. Since joining Birchbox, I have discovered brands and products that are AMAZING - both in smell and in function. Here's a list of my all-time faves. Oribe products are sooooo great, but are super spendy. I threw in a Rusk texturizing spray that is truly comparable and is less than half the cost of its Oribe counterpart. I must admit, I also don't use the Number 4 shampoo/conditioner set regularly because of the price, but it's my favorite stuff I have EVER used. The other products are a part of my daily/weekly hair routine. I highly recommend all of them :)

    Not a member of Birchbox? JOIN - it's the best $10 you'll ever spend each month! It's the equivalent to Christmas EVERY MONTH. Yeah, I said it and I mean it!

    Here are my current hair care must-haves:

    1. Number 4 Va-Va-Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner: This stuff makes your hair smell AMAZING. It's expensive, but sooo great. I received samples from Birchbox before and fell in love. I almost didn't need any sort of detangling spray, because it left my hair so soft and smooth.
    2. Beauty Protector Protect & Treat Hair Mask: This mask works wonders on your hair - I use it weekly to revive dry hair, especially during the cold weather months.
    3. Parlor Detangling Leave-In Conditioner: My hair tends to be tangled after it gets wet, even when using shampoo and conditioner. I have very fine but thick hair, so detangling sprays are a must, especially when my hair was longer. This one works wonders and smells great!
    4. Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo: Literally the BEST dry shampoo on the market. I have used several different brands of dry shampoo and nothing compares to this Amika product (PS: their entire line is amazeballs!). I like to wash my hair every other day and on my non-shower or non-hair-washing days, this stuff is a lifesaver. It revives bed head, greasy hair or often my biggest hair problem - flatness! Miracle in a bottle, y'all!
    5. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray: This stuff is so cluth. It adds an extra level of awesome to any hairdo. The smell is literally like perfume - as are all Oribe products. This adds texture and volume to any style and just gives hair that extra somethin' somethin'. It's kind of hard to explain this product's awesomeness - just splurge and try it out!
    6. Rusk Texture Finishing Spray: I hate to say this is the runner-up to Oribe's texturizing spray, but that's kinda what it is. Not to say it's not awesome in its own right, it is! But, nothing compares to Oribe, let's be honest. However, this stuff is actually within the realm of reasonable for daily use, because it's less than half the cost. Let's be real.
    7. Number 4 Mighty Hair Spray: My bff who used to work at Haus Salon introduced me to Number 4 products, specifically this hair spray. They also have a non-aerosol kind, which is also great. I go back and forth on which one I like better. Either one is the perfect finishing touch to your hair routine - everything stays put without looking like this!

    1 / 2 / 3 / 456 / 7

    Happy hair styling! :)

    xo Cait

  • Under $50 Gift Guide | Christmas 2014

    Christmas shopping is well underway and my email inbox is bombarded on the daily with 40% off this, BOGO that coupons from any store I've ever shopped at - they somehow all have my email address... anyone else relate wtih that? Anyway, all of those promos can only mean one thing - Christmas shopping. 

    I'm about half way done with my shopping to-do list - how about you? If you're struggling for ideas (or want better ones...haha), check out my holiday gift guide below. Everything you see is under $50! Most of these are chick gifts, but a few could be considered unisex, so chill out dudes. 

    What's your go-to holiday gift? I'm always drawn to yummy smelling stuff like perfume and candles and I also love soft cozy stuff like this fur infinity scarf or snuggly throw blanket. Sparkly things are nice too... basically I follow that rule: smelly, soft or sparkly. If your gift falls in one of those categories, it's bound to be a hit!

    Countdown to Christmas: 16 days!

    pendant necklace / perfume* / trayfur scarf / bag / joggersBenefit makeup set / studs / ornamentiPhone 6 case / throw / candle

    *This perfume was featured in my perfume picks post, remember?!

    Merry Christmas and happy shopping!!! :)

    xo Cait

  • How To | DIY Gel Manicure

    I am obsessed with painted nails. On the rare occasions where I have "naked" fingers, I honestly feel incomplete and not myself. I'll look down and see my hands and think, "Whose ARE those?!" You think I'm being dramatic, but I'm not. 

    I'm also obsessed with non-chipped nails. How does one accomplish this? At-home manicures often chip within a few days, even as soon as 24 hours. (All that work for nothing! Boo.) Then came the semi-recent revelation of the gel manicure (a.k.a. shellac manicure), which was a game-changer, y'all. However, paying anywhere from $20-$35 for a gel mani is... a luxury, not a necessity. (This is a self-talk phrase I often must repeatedly tell myself.)

    So, here's how to do a DIY at-home gel manicure, which will save you lots of money! (You're welcome.)

    Here is what you will need:
    1. Gelous nail gel coat (this is what makes it like shellac)
    2. Nail polish (any color/brand you want - shown is Essie "Forever Yummy")
    3. Seche Vite top coat (this is the best kind, in my opinion)
    And this is what to do:
    • 1 layer Gelous
    • 1 layer nail polish
    • 1 layer Gelous
    • 1 layer nail polish
    • 1 layer Seche Vite top coat
    This also works, depending on the thickness and color of your polish:
    • 1 layer Gelous
    • 2 layers nail polish
    • 1 layer Seche Vite top coat

    Allow each layer to dry for about 2 minutes before applying the next layer.

    My at-home gel manicure usually lasts between 7-10 days - no joke!! There have been times when it's only lasted 5-7 days, which were the times when I was sloppier in my application. In order for the optimum results, don't get excess polish or top coat on the skin around your fingers - this increases the chances of your mani to peel off prematurely.

    For the cost of one trip to the nail salon, you can use these bottles over and over again, saving you money!

    This method gives you long-lasting results without the burden of removing salon gel, which can be DIFFICULT to get off. To remove this DIY gel manicure, I use pure acetone remover, which you can find pretty much everywhere.

    Here's an example of my latest DIY gel mani - I'm wearing Essie "Forever Yummy" polish:

    What's your favorite nail color?? Happy painting! :)

    xo Cait

  • Color Theory | Oxblood

    Oxblood is a color considered to be a dark shade of red that resembles burgundy, but has more purple and dark brown hues [a.k.a. wine, maroon, bordeaux].

    Best paired with: 

    • Blush
    • Mustard
    • Gray
    • Navy

    Use these color combos below for outfits, home decor palettes, fall beauty essentials, etc. I've also listed some fab products in this color that are currently on the market. The Essie color below, "Bordeaux" is one of my favorite fall manicure colors (Here's how to do a DIY gel manicure!) and the lip color (Make Up Forever, Rogue Artist Intense, #48) is to die for, esp. on paler complexions. Personally, I'm swooning over that oversized sweater... looks so comfy!

    boots / sweater nail polishpillowscarf jeggingspurse / lipstick

    xo Cait

  • Gimme Dat List | October 2014

    This month's "Gimme Dat List" goes out to some items that are for realsies on my personal "Please purchase me" wishlist. I've combined things from my home list, fashion list and beauty list... Yes, I have that many lists... Lord, help me. 

    table / vest / ceiling tiles + spray paint / jeans / heels / sweater / book / lip balm

    Let me explain the ceiling tiles and spray paint....

    So I want to get these from Home Depot (they're like plastic or vinyl or something) and paint them white and adhere them to my small bathroom ceiling and add some crown molding to finish off the look. I'm going for something along these lines (example ceiling below). Cool, huh?

    It's almost November, you guys! Cray cray. Alright, see ya!

    xo Cait

  • My Picks | Perfume

    I love perfume. It smells nice - what's there not to like? The price tag. My favorite scents can be pretty pricey. (My husband claims that I have a super power called "knows-what's-the-most-expensive-thing-and-likes-that-one-the-most".) Yes, it's a blessing and a curse, ok? There's a certain smell to perfumes that I love - it's a flowery scent without being too flowery. Unique without being weird. Distinctive yet not overbearing. I know it when I smell it - the smell of yumminess that I want to spray all over me! (I'm so weird, I know.) The original Juicy Couture was the first expensive perfume I ever wore - it's nostalgic for me, but I still think it's a beautiful scent, more than any of the newer fragrances from Juicy (which are NUMEROUS, I might add). Anyways - for everyone who's dying to know, here are my top perfume picks, all of which I've worn at some point. I've ordered them by price, from save to splurge!

    What perfume do you wear? Do you have a signature scent or do you mix it up?

    My Top 7 Perfume Picks:

    1. Harvey Prince, Hello: 1.7 oz. $55
    2. Juicy Couture: 1.7 oz. $72
    3. Arquiste for J.Crew, No. 31: 1.75 oz. $76
    4. Michael Kors, Gold Luxe: 1.7 oz. $82
    5. Dolce & Gabbana, Pour Femme: 1.7 oz. $86
    6. Chanel, Coco Mademoiselle: 1.7 oz. $90
    7. Dior, J'adore: 1.7 oz. $90

    Harvey Prince / Juicy Couture / J.CrewMichael Kors / Dolce & GabbanaChanelDior

    xo Cait