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  • Baby Must Haves | 3-6 Months

    Hello friends!

    I'm behind in making this post because as I'm writing this, our little Maggie Quinn is 27 months old, aka 2 years... we stopped tracking "months" after she turned 2. If anyone wants specifics, I say " She turned 2 in July!" and call it a day. I started writing this post in February 2018 - it's now September 2019. Yikes. Anyway, I'm traveling what feels like WAY back in time with this post to when Mags was 3-4-5-6 months old! Here she was... pre-sitting up or crawling days:

    This post is for all the mamas (& dads!) out there, present or future. These are some of the products that made life easier for us and kept baby happy and healthy! I created this list when she was actually these ages to help me remember for future babies and to help everyone else fumbling around for WHAT THE HECK DO I DO WITH THIS TINY HUMAN I HAVE TO KEEP ALIVE AND ENTERTAIN. Let's be real, your first kid especially, you have no clue what you're doing. Anyone that does, or seems to, is either 1) an imposter; 2) totally faking it; 3) some sort of super human; 4) has their parents actually raising their child for them; or 5) is a combination of the above. Find my thoughts about each product below...

    Ok, so here is the run down on this stuff...


    Halo SleepSack Micro-Fleece Wearable Blanket: In the swaddle version, these annoyed me - the fleece was so bulky by our baby's face and it was always in the way while I tried to nurse her at night. We swapped her over to the wearable blanket style around the 8-week mark - she didn't like to be swaddled, though these are the only ones she did sorta like. These are the perfect, safe, warm, cozy alternative! The micro-fleece has been our favorite, as her room is kept around 70 degrees, and combined with long-sleeved jammies, she stays at a comfortable temperature. I liked the plush dot velboa style ones as well!

    Huggies OverNites Diapers: As soon as our baby could come close to fitting in size 3 diapers (the smallest they make overnight diapers) we switched her over to these Huggies overnights. Game. Changed. Once our daughter started sleeping through the night around 10 weeks old, I would find that she'd often soak through her normal diapers over those long stretches of sleep. These can hold SO MUCH - a must-have product! From a friend's recommendation (actually, like 4 different friends!), we opted to use Huggies OverNites over other brands - they are apparently the best on the market for being most absorbant and reasonably priced. We love them! We use and love up&up diapers from Target otherwise, but heard their overnight diapers aren't as good.

    Motorola MBP36XL Portable 5" Video Baby Monitor: So once our babe started sleeping in her crib in her room, not in the bassinet in our room, around 10 weeks, this device came in very handy! We love the big, clear screen and that it shows the temperature in her room - not necessary, but super convenient. There are SO MANY baby monitors out there, and after doing a lot of research, this one and this Infant Optics one were our faves. I like that there is an option to add an additional camera for any future babies and that they are NOT wifi connected. If I'm leaving my baby with a caretaker at our home, I don't want to temptation of "checking in" and I don't want to have to rely on a wifi network for the camera to work - I don't trust Comcast or CenturyLink nearly enough to feel confident in that. Plus, there was the whole people hacking into your baby monitor debacle that happened a few years ago - I'm sure this creepy hacking issue has been fixed, but it's still way too creepy to risk it. 

    Jellycat Magic Bunny Board Book: So this is by no means a "needed" item, but it's one we've loved incorporating into our bedtime routine with our daughter. Unless I am feeding her right before bed (sometimes the timing of her feedings just happens that way) and she falls right asleep, I read her a few books before bed. This one has been a staple, because it's adorable and about going to sleep :) I actually came across this book (and coordinating SUPER soft bunny from Jellycat) before I was even pregnant while shopping with my mom. She ended up buying the book and bunny for me and giving it to me the Christmas before our daughter was born, about 9 months after seeing it in the store and gushing over its cuteness. So, the book and bunny have a special little place in my heart and I'm hoping Maggie will love the bunny too, once she stops trying to shove its plush face in her mouth, because TEETHING.

    Freshly Picked Moccs: These seemed to be the ONLY shoes that would stay on our daughter's feet, with her nonstop kicking/moving legs. Plus, they were so darn cute! I loved the gold and rose gold, as well as the tan with the soles for when she started crawling/walking later on - they matched everything! I think these leopard chelesea boots are also unbelievably adorable! These are defnitely not cheap, but babies at this age really only need one or two pairs of shoes, and the sizing fits them for quite awhile. 

    Baby GAP Socks: These socks were my favorite. Just enough grip on the bottom, nice basic colors/prints and the perfect height, especially for winter months with boots/coverage. Must have item!

    Burt's Bees Baby Sleepers or the Cloud Island ones from Target: These were my favorite go-to sleepers. The Burt's Bees ones are snug-fitting and something about them I just loved. The Cloud Island line from Target has the cutest prints and a price that can't be beat. They also wash well and have a bottom-top zipper, which is amazing for diaper changes!! 

    Copper Pearl Drool Bibs: These were a lifesaver - Maggie was a drooler in this stage and was a "happy spitter" after eating. For this phase of her life, we didn't go without a drool bib! These were soft, but also absorbent and substantial enough without overtaking her outfit. I liked the solid gray ones too - easier to match!

    Babybjorn Bouncer: Don't let the price tag scare you - keep your eye on this on Amazon. The price is constantly fluctuating. I found mine for $130! These are often found on Facebook Marketplace too. But let me tell you - this is maybe my #1 favorite baby item. It's THE BEST and takes up zero space and is super cozy for baby. Maggie could fit in this pretty early on and stayed in here until she could start climbing out on her own, haha. She sat in this while I got ready for work in the morning, while I had to go to the bathroom (real talk!), while doing dishes, while doing ANYTHING - it easily moves from room to room, folds flat, travels so well - it's the best. We didn't have a swing or a million other places for her to sit. This was the solution for so much of the time. LOVED. IT.

    Skip Hop Activity Mat: This is one of those things that some people like, others find it to be "eh" - I was kind of in the middle. You could just have a blanket on the ground for them to sit on and have other toys around, but it's easy to have something to grab that has the little activty bar connected. This one is cute and gender neutral, which felt like a practical choice for me. Didn't need hot pink unicorns and tiaras all over everything..!

    Sophie: If you know, you know - this little giraffe is a baby's favorite. Easy to hold, chew, suck, squeeze - and cute to boot. Must have!

    Sassy Ring O' Links: Cheap entertainment. As a 2-year-old, Maggie still plays with these as "bracelets" - best $4.99 you'll spend! These have been a favorite since day 1.

    Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes: Another fave for in the car - and the music isn't super annoying AND it can be turned off. Get this before your next road trip!

    Graco Bumper Jumper: This was another fan favorite, for parents and baby! We got this for our daughter for Christmas when she was 6 months old and kicked ourselves for not having it months sooner. They get some exercise and work on their strength and have so much fun doing it! And, anything that is safe and hands free for mom and dad is a win. Hours of entertainment! We liked this option with the tray and it was very comfy for her to sit in. We always put these slippers on her since we have hardwood floors for a little extra cushion!

    Boogie Wipes: These are a lifesaver for runny noses and messes in general - unscented saline wipes rather than tissues help keep their little noses from getting red and chapped and get the mess much easier! Diaper bag and nursery must-have!

    Teethers: (1) (2) (3) - You gotta have some of these on-hand at this age. Teething pains come in like a wrecking ball and a teether helps save the day!

    Baby GAP Garter Sweater: Maggie had one of these at every stage. It was the best to keep her warm and looking cute. The quality is top-notch. Score one on sale and it's a great deal.

    JJ Cole Car Seat Cover: If you live in a cold climate, this is a non-negotiable item - easy to get them in and out or take it on and off and a nice neutral color. I like the JJ Cole one best!

    Burt's Bees Baby Stroller Blanket: Sadly, they discontinued this blanket, but it was a thick, soft velour blanket that was awesome to keep in the car or take on walks when it was chilly. Here's another favorite of ours!

    Onesies & Leggings - Favessssssssssssssssss: Old Navy, Baby GAP, Zara, H&M and ribbed Zara leggings and onesies that look like normal shirts and crewneck sweatshirts over basic short sleeve onesies.

    Ok, that's the list! Enjoy!

  • Gimme Dat List | September 2014

    This month's "Gimme Dat List" goes out to the onset of fall. In the Twin Cities, fall is already upon us, with the 45 degree temps currently walking about right now, like they own the place.

    Here are some of the things I'm lusting over wishing to purchase this fall. I can't wait to slather on that new shade of nail polish from the Essie Fall 2014 collection - "dress to kilt".

    booties / bag / necklace / flats / jackettee / nail polish / shirt / scarf / pants / jeans

    xo Cait