• Gimme Dat List | January

    I'm back! I've been on a hiatus from Pride & Joyce, as you may have noticed. Why? My absence is partially attributed to lack of motivation, time, inspiration and feeling short on creativity - which has been really hard. I've never felt so uninspired in my life, you guys! I hate it so much. I've been having talks with God, asking Him why I feel like this and how I can "get back to normal." Should I just quit? Should I embrace that I'm not going to be the next Joanna Gaines or Joy Cho and just give up? I don't think quitting is the answer - who quits as soon as something isn't easy? Cowards! I don't want to be lumped into that category. Woof. But I also don't want to be thought of as a failure. Ugh, that word is the worst. It hurts to type it. So, I've been trying to figure out why I'm feeling this way and how to get out of my rut. 2016 has been very introspective thus far, which is something I really struggle with - I get frustrated. It's a lot easier for me to figure other people out than myself - I'm so complicated! Yikes, my poor husband. However, I'm not going to let my FEELINGS stop me from doing something I've wanted to accomplish and share with the world - this blog. So, despite how I'm "feeling", I'm still here and I still want to share my opinions, likes, wants, rants and pretty things I find with you all. I've allowed my feelings to rule for the last four (almost five - gulp) months and enough is enough! 

    So without further adieu, here is my current "Want List" or as I lovingly call them - my monthly "Gimme Dat List". It consists of some wardrobe staples (and a faux plant I really want! ha) and features some of my favorite brands/stores: Athleta (a.k.a. my favorite place on the planet), Lululemon (not the biggest fan of all their stuff, but their headbands and yoga mats have no equal), Target, Madewell, Nordstrom, Baublebar, Steve Madden, Essie... etc. (Side Note: The floral dress and skinny boyfriend jeans are a part of the new collab that Target has with WhoWhatWear, releasing in stores on January 31! Nothing in the collection is over $49.95... yeah. AMAZE. I've linked to the entire lookbook below.)

    How is your 2016? Can you relate to my feeling frenzy? Anything you're eyeing at the moment? SHARE below!

    #1 / #2 / #3 / #4 / #5 / #6 / #7 / #8 / #9 / #10 / #11 "Bordeaux" / #12 "Chili"

    It feels good to be back - love you all! 

    xo Cait

  • My Picks | 2015 Fall Fashion

    It's almost fall y'all! (Nice.) Fall is my favorite season and part of that reason is because of fall fashion. I LOVE layers, cozy cardigans, scarves, boots, jackets... just the best! I've compiled some inspiration for you below highlighting a few fashion trends that are wearable for everyone - all shapes, styles and ages! Which trend is your favorite? I'd love to hear from you!

    1. Fur + Stripes

    2. Boyfriend Sweaters

    3. Puffer Vests

    4. Oversized Cardigans

    5. Denim Jackets

    6. Plaid on Plaid on Plaid

    7. Classic Athletic Shoes

    8. Leather

    There you have it! What fashion trends are you loving for fall? Comment below!



    NOTE: All photos above are for inspiration only and come from Pinterest - each is linked to the source that was provided on Pinterest. 

  • Shareable | Hello September

    Well, today we welcome the first day of September. Not only does that mean that it's my friend Amber's birthday or that it's time for Gatsby to get another dose of his heartworm pill and flea/tick preventative, but it also means that FALL a.k.a. AUTUMN a.k.a. THE BEST SEASON EVER is right around the corner. 

    September is quite possibly my favorite month of the year. The weather is still amazing but not HOT, fall routines are back in full swing, mornings and evenings are crisp enough for a sweater to be worn, football starts this month, fall decor starts to appear... it's just a great time of the year. 

    In celebration, let's post this graphic I made on Instagram - why not! Tag me, buddies: @caitquinnjoyce #prideandjoyce.

    Go enjoy life! Bye!


    xo Cait

  • Wall Art | Depend on His Power

    Oswald Chambers was a respected preacher, missionary and author who became well-known for his devotional book, My Utmost for His Highest. He is one of my all-time favorites and My Utmost is my #1 favorite devotional to read - the concise, gut-checking daily thoughts never let me down. Highly recommend! This is one of my favorite Oswald quotes:

    "We must never put our dreams of success as God's purpose for us. His purpose is that I depend on Him and on His power now."

    So, I've made it into a nice little 8x10 wall art piece that you can purchase here. You can also follow his honorary Twitter account for some awesomely inspirational and challenging quotes: .

    Feel free to post this on instagram - tag me! @caitquinnjoyce #prideandjoyce

    Much love on this beautiful Monday! 

    xo Cait

  • Craigslist Find of the Day | 8.24.15

    You guys - don't miss out on these amazing chairs!!! If we had space in our house, you know I would be jumping all over these babies. They're real leather and have been painted a bit for more of a distressed look. Nailhead detail, wood legs and a rich cognac color. They are from an old Hollister store and apparently they smell amazing, according to the ad. The more I type about these, the more I want them. 

    I envision these beauties in a home office space, den, living room or cozy family room with a furry blanket and a fireplace crackling in the background. They're only $175/each, which is actually super reasonable! I would try and get 'em for $300 for the pair and see what happens :)

    Original post here.

    Matching Vinyl Chairs (2) - $175 (Northeast Minneapolis)

    We have 2 matching vinyl chairs that have been painted for a distressed look. They came out of an old Hollister retail store, along with 4 others (different style). They're sturdy, comfortable chairs and they smell wonderful. Would look great in your home, office, or retail shop.

    Seat Heighth: 17" H 
    Backrest Heighth: 31.25" H
    Depth: 31" D
    Width: 29" W

    Price is per chair.
    Delivery available for a fee.

    So, here's an idea of how I would style them in a living room, family room or den:

    couch / rug / side tables / coffee table / fur throw / pillow 1 / pillow 2 / pillow 3 / pillow 4 / clock / tray / floor lamp / bookends / succulent / wall art / pouf / basket 

    What are your latest Craigslist finds? Anything good?! Comment below!

    xo Cait

  • Shareable | Hello August

    It's August and you can tell here in Minnesota - you walk outside and start sweating instantly, at least that's what happens to me! It's the month where we soak up as much of summer as we can and gear up for the fall, which means students are off the college (SO SAD - I hate people leaving!), kids go back to school, church life explodes and we have an event every other minute, but it also means FOOTBALL starts soon! I'm jazzed about that - I genuinely love football. Sigh. But for now, it's AUGUST, so I'm going to enjoy every last minute of sun, green grass, flowers, fluffy trees, sandals, tank tops and sun dresses while I can. How about you?

    Here's a shareable to remind all of your friends what month it is :) Tag me: @caitquinnjoyce #prideandjoyce


  • Gimme Dat List | July

    It's been awhile since I've posted - well, we went to Honduras at the end of June, then spent two weeks finishing all the projects we kept saying we'd "get to eventually" on our home in preparation for it to hit the market, which we accomplished and it listed on July 16. Now we keep our home in tip-top shape basically 24/7 and have total strangers walk through it when we're not home for showings... it's really a weird concept when you think about it! We've been trying to hold off on looking at homes for sale so we don't find one we love without having an offer in on our house. So, we wait. 

    In the meantime, here is my current "Want List" or as I lovingly call them - my "Gimme Dat List". It consists of clothing, makeup and of course, things for my house. (SIDE NOTE: I've literally wanted this Smith & Hawken basket from Target for over a year... perfect place for blanket storage in our main floor living space - why don't we have this yet?! Also, did you know that Urban Decay has come out with a new "Naked" eyeshadow palette?! What the heck, how did I not hear about this?! I will need to get that STAT. Instead of calling this one "Naked 4", it's apparently "Naked Smokey" - sounds like Caitlin to me. Should be calling this the NEED LIST :))

    What are you pining for currently?

    Links to these products below!

    t-shirt / boyfriend jeans / bootiesdoor knocker / hello sign / doormat / arrow bookends / basketeyeshadow palette